Beautiful Riesling


From the 2014 vintage I did not have a layer Riesling. The ripeness development was - especially in the cool Riesling sites of the Wachau - not suitable for dry Rieslings as I strive for them. Hail and problems with a high mouse population as well as rain from the end of August on led to high rotting pressure. A large part of the fruit was lost. The "rescued" grapes were characterized by wonderfully high acidity.
In order to obtain a harmonious wine without deacidification and the use of additives, I had decided to fill only one single, residual sweet, juicily balanced Riesling of all Riesling vineyards with a high storage life.
Thus, in retrospect, the 2014 vintage is a stroke of luck for me, because from then on I will press - if a future vintage seems suitable to me - a Riesling that is untypical for the region and for Austria.

2017: alcohol 9.5% vol, sweet with 64.1g/l RZ, 8.9g/l acidity, pH 3.1

2015: alcohol 8.6% vol., sweet with 70.1g/l RZ, 8.8g/l acidity, pH 3.1

2014: alcohol 9.3% vol, sweet with 49 g/l RZ, 10g/l acidity, pH 2.95