My philosophy

Organic management of the terraces

Most of the terraces can only be cultivated by hand without tractors. This is very costly and labour-intensive. The grapes produced in this way are accordingly valuable. Therefore it only makes sense to strive for the highest possible quality of grapes. For me this also means to preserve the character of the respective terroir. The basis for this is the certified organic cultivation of the vineyards. I am also convinced that only a timely, not too late harvest of the physiologically ripe grapes can preserve the unique character of the variety and the vineyard and result in elegant, palatable, balanced wines. Although grapes harvested too late can produce impressive wines, the finesse and clarity of terroir and variety often suffers as a result.

My harvest decisions are not determined by the sugar levels of the grapes but by their actual physiological ripeness and the pH of the must. Therefore, the alcohol levels of the wines can vary greatly from year to year.

The focus on the pH-value also allows a vinification without enzymes, pure yeasts, fining and other interventions that would disguise the origin of the wine.

Peter Veyder-Malberg