Kreutles, Unterloiben

(Grüner Veltliner)

Kreutles is a flat location at the foot of the Loibenberg with deep soils with higher yield potential. They produce well-structured, very drinkable Grüner Veltliner - the classic Wachauer.

From 2014 on, the grapes of my KREUTLES vineyards will go to the LOVELY.


2013: alcohol 12.1% vol., dry at 2.4g/l RZ, 6.5g/l acidity, pH 3.3

2012: alcohol 12.4% vol, dry at 1.0g/l RZ, 5.1g/l acidity, pH 3.4

2011: alcohol 12.3% vol, dry at 1.5g/l RZ, 6.0g/l acidity, pH 3.3

2010: alcohol 12.2% vol, dry at 3.0g/l RZ, 7.2g/l acidity, pH 3.3

2009: alcohol 12.2% vol, dry at 2.4g/l RZ, 6.3g/l acidity, pH 3.3

2008: alcohol 12.3% vol, dry at 2.5g/l RZ, 6.4g/l acidity, pH 3.2