Bruck, Viessling

(Riesling/2B Riesling)

Although the "Bruck" site is considered the best and warmest in Viessling, it is nevertheless one of the coolest, because it is also the highest in the Wachau. Viessling can be seen as a counterpoint to the much warmer terroir of the east of the Wachau. My Rieslings develop a unique fruitiness with spicy notes and a delicate minerality here. The vineyard is cultivated purely by hand without a tractor.

2018: alcohol 12.3% vol, dry at 2.1g/l RZ, 6.4g/l acidity, pH 3.22

2017: Alcohol 12.3% vol, dry at 1.4g/l RZ, 8.6g/l acidity, pH 3.2

2016 - filled as "2B": 12.3% vol, 2.9g/l RZ, 7.0g/l acidity, pH 3.12

2015: alcohol 12.1% vol., dry at 3.0g/l RZ, 7.0g/l acidity, pH 3.18

2014: not filled - grapes go into 2014 Beautiful Riesling

2013: Alcohol 12.2% vol, dry at 5.5g/l RZ, 8.7g/l acidity, pH 3.1

2012: alcohol 12.6% vol, dry at 4.4g/l RZ, 6.1g/l acidity, pH 3.3

2011: alcohol 12.3% vol, dry at 5.2g/l RZ, 6.1g/l acidity, pH 3.3

2010: alcohol 12.2% vol, dry at 7.1g/l RZ, 9.3g/l acidity, pH 3.3

2009: alcohol 12.7% vol, dry at 6.6g/l RZ, 8.5g/l acidity, pH 3.2

2008: alcohol 12.2% vol, dry at 6.7g/l RZ, 8.1g/l acidity, pH 3.1