(Grüner Veltliner)

For 17 days the grapes fermented - like red wine - with the skins before being pressed. Due to the lack of colouring in the skins, this maceration does not produce a red colour, but it leaches out the tannins. After aging in small wooden barrels for 15 months, it was filled with minimal addition of sulphur. Due to the unusual way of making this white wine has more in common with red wine in terms of smell and taste - with the exception of the red colour ...

The grapes come from the vineyards Buschenberg, Loibenberg and a small part from the Hochrain.
All vineyards were cultivated without tractor in pure manual labour.

2016: alcohol 12.9% vol, dry at 1g/l RZ, 4.7g/l acidity, pH 3.3

2015: Alcohol 12.5% vol, dry at 1g/l RZ, 5.6g/l acidity, pH 3.4