Brandstatt, Eslarn


Brandstatt is my recultivation project in the Spitzer Graben, the coolest area of the Wachau, at about 450 m above sea level. The originally neglected mica slate vineyard was gradually replanted with Riesling after the walls were repaired. My aim is to press an uncompromising wine on this original terraced vineyard, in which the terroir and an old winemaking tradition are more important than the grape variety. This may involve maceration as well as long ageing in local acacia barrels.

2018: no wine because of hail

2017: alcohol 13% vol, dry at 3.7g/l RZ, 7.3g/l acidity, pH 3.25

2016: alcohol 12.6% vol, dry at 1.7g/l RZ, 6.6g/l acidity, pH 3.22

2015: Alcohol 12.5% vol, dry at 2.4g/l RZ, 7.0g/l acidity, pH 3.2

2014: not filled - grapes go into 2014 Beautiful Riesling

2013: alcohol 12.5% vol, dry at 2g/l RZ, 6.0g/l acidity, pH 3.4